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English Basic Words Part Four (From the Ollie the Elephant — Learning Made Easy™ Series)

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Up to fifty percent of any English sentence consists of small key words such as "and," "at," "in," "to," and many more. These form the foundations of most English sentences. If one were to remove only five of these words from one's vocabulary one would find it difficult to put together most proper sentences.

The Ollie the Elephant — Learning Made Easy series is designed to create understanding and literacy.

One of these "simple" words, such as the word "to," has thirty distinctly different meanings and uses. Similarly, other small words have many different meanings. Correct knowledge of these words helps form a foundation of literacy and understanding in the English language.

This factor goes entirely overlooked in most schools and English grammar courses. Confusion about these small words can lead to a child or adult being labeled as "illiterate" and failing in other studies. Let's face it: if you can not easily understand what you are reading, learning becomes difficult.

To demonstrate this, let's look at bigger words like "airport" and "airplane." These two words are easy to teach and learn. They each have one basic meaning. There is nothing difficult about this. But now let's look at a small word, for example, "to." This small word has roughly thirty different meanings! And, depending on how you use the word in a sentence, the definition can change completely. Not knowing the meanings of key small words is a major barrier to learning to read with understanding. As this primary step of literacy has been almost completely overlooked in education and schools, one should not be surprised that many children and adults dislike or have difficulty in reading.

Ollie the Elephant — Learning Made Easy was specifically designed to convey the meanings of these small fundamental words, using pictures. These books are not story books. They are books that teach the proper use of the key common words of the English language. Adults are often shocked that even they learn new things from Ollie the Elephant — Learning Made Easy. The series is designed to give a university-level understanding of key English words to first grade students. The secret lies in the illustrations. Every single one of the illustrations is designed to convey a specific meaning. This method enables a child to learn complex English, in a simple manner, rapidly.

How Ollie the Elephant Books Create Literacy

The Ollie the Elephant — Learning Made Easy series is laid out in an exact sequence.

It is a compilation of many smaller booklets. Each booklet contains one definition of a small key word. There are, for example, four booklets for the word "at." Each covers a different meaning of the word "at." There are three booklets for the word "and," to cover each of the meanings of "and," and so on. At the end of each booklet one finds a set of exercises the student can do, to ensure that understanding is achieved.
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