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The Young Genius Grammar Series Book One: The Basics of Grammar

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This book contains the basics of grammar in an illustrated book. 

This book contains:
  • Illustrations
  • Examples
  • Exercises  
It is designed to help a child or foreign language student learn grammar on a step-by-step basis.   This grammar book is unique in that every concept is illustrated with plenty of examples showing the uses of the various elements of grammar.

The Basics of Grammar uses understanding, not memorization.  Anything a child or student fully understands becomes part of his working knowledge and does not need to be memorized.” - William Tucker

The Basics of Grammar was compiled while working with children, observing when they ran into difficulties, and then adjusting the materials as needed so that any child could successfully understand this subject.

Do not worry if you struggle with grammar yourself.  You will find The Basics of Grammar easy to use.  Feedback from many parents indicates that they sort out some of their own confusions on grammar while using the materials, and wish they had had this illustrated book when they originally learned the subject in school.
You will get a PDF (7MB) file

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